HERE at quieto vivere…

…we help brands to grow and develop through strategic planning for the short, medium and long-term.
We can tackle big challenges, thanks to our team’s experience in different sectors.
We push companies to tell their story more effectively and to create solutions more suited to a market that no longer distinguishes between the physical and the digital.
Our team is based in Milan, but we work with a tight network of partners all around the world and we’re pretty damn good at finding the right solution, no matter what the company.

Quieto Vivere Strategies

We tailor our strategies to the needs of our clients.
We form custom, multidisciplinary and international analysis groups.
We bring together people with different skills, each handpicked for their ability to observe, interpret and innovate in their sector.
We develop our strategies to cover multiple areas through careful observation from all perspectives.
We believe that a company’s success depends above all on its ability to understand its values and embody them every step of the way: from branding to retail.

Quieto Vivere Social

Our Digital Team is young, multidisciplinary, multilingual and active 24/7.
There’s not much we can’t do: research, insights, strategy, adv, campaign management, creative content of any kind for any platform, influencer marketing, digital media, e-commerce, websites, marketing activation, media and analytics.
We push brands to create quality content that uses credible, contemporary language and sticks to the new linguistic codes introduced by digital media.

Quieto Vivere Retail

We have a team entirely dedicated to pushing retail sales.
Our focus is on independent, medium, small or very small companies, that have an equally niche target yet at the same time distribute around the world.
We help emerging brands to grow through tailored strategy and actions and our contacts on the international markets.